ohnovampires asked:

there's this girl right? and like she's always trying to look at my fucking eye balls. is she trying to hurt me? I follow your blog and it's chill


haha wow!! sounds like a real problem!! you wanna know a secret? i bet she…. likes you!! like, LIKE LIKES you!!! xD

i love rachel

raylienkontakt asked:

hey im a big fan of this blog! could you give me boy advice? like he wont even make eye contact with me?


hi hello!! i really appreciate you reaching out to me!! thank you for liking my blog i put a lot of time into it! all i can say to you is follow your heart and follow your dreams <33


Gorgeous cluster of Smoky Quartz crystals with green Fluorite cubes draped over the middle.Erongo Mountain, Namibia

my brother and i just talked on the phone for like an hour and it was amazing and i miss him so much he is honestly my best friend in the whole world aside from alex